The Determinants of National Health Expenditure: A Decision Tree Analysis

국민의료비 결정요인 및 영향력 분석

  • 이견직 ;
  • 정영호
  • Published : 2002.09.01


This paper draws the determinants of National Health Expenditures(min) and collectivizes OECD countries which are positioned by same conditions using the decision tree analysis. Major findings are summarized as follows. We find that the power of influence of income level on NHE has been 58.35% in 1985, 65.37% in 1990, 66.90% in 1995, and 66.47% in 1997. The power of influence of public share in NHE has been on the increase during that period: 19.50% in 1985, 19.91% in 1990, 22.81% in 1995 and 26.88% in 1997. The two factors(income level, public share) tells for the most part of NHE: 77.85% in 1985, 85.28% in 1990, 89.71% in 1995, 93.35% in 1997. Our results support the hypothesis that NHE could be explained mostly by the income level and show that public share is negatively correlated with the growth of NHE.


national health expenditure;determinants of medical expenditure;decision tree analysis


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