Moving Load Analysis of Bridge Structures Using Experimental Modal Data

실험적 모우드 계수를 이용한 교량의 주행하중 해석

  • 이형진 (창원대학교 공과대학 토목공학과)
  • Published : 2002.09.01


This paper proposed a technique of structural re-analysis for the evaluation of dynamic responses of bridge structure under moving loads using experimental modal results. For successful structural re-analysis, it is required to have accurate estimation techniques of the modal characteristics of bridge structures. The natural frequencies and mode shapes were identified by direct fourier analysis techniques and damping ratios by the random decrement method, respectively. An interpolation method was also proposed for the extension of mode shape measured on limited DOFs. Second, the structural reanalysis was performed using moving mass model and identified modal parameters. The results from the reanalysis show that the proposed technique is very reasonable to evaluate the actual behavior of bridge structures under moving loads.


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