• Kato, Takao (Department of Mathematics Faculty of Science Yamaguchi University)
  • Published : 2002.09.01


For a smooth projective irreducible algebraic curve C of odd gonality, the maximal possible dimension of the variety of special linear systems ${W^r}_d$(C) is d-3r by a result of M. Coppens et at. [4]. This bound also holds if C does not admit an involution. Furthermore it is known that if dim ${W^r}_d(C)qeq$ d-3r-1 for a curve C of odd gonality, then C is of very special type of curves by a recent progress made by G. Martens [11] and Kato-Keem [9]. The purpose of this paper is to pursue similar results for curves of even gonality which does not admit an involution.


algebraic curves;linear series;gonality;Brill-Noether theory


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