Estimation of Maximum Member Force in Basement Wall according to Stiffness and Aspect Ratios of Wall and Column

벽체와 기둥의 강성비와 형상비에 따른 지하외벽의 최대부재력 산정

  • Young-Chan Kim (Department of Architecture, Pukyoung National University) ;
  • Dong-Gun Kim (Newtech Structure)
  • Published : 2002.09.01


A numerical study using linear finite element analysis is performed to investigate the behavior of basement wall subject to soil and water pressure. Currently, structural design of basement wall is based on the assumption for boundary condition of plate, which may lead to the erroneous results. In this study, parametric studies are performed to investigate the variation of moment and shear force according to column-to-wall stiffness ratios and aspect ratios. Scaled factors applicable to the design of basement wall are proposed with the illustration of desist examples.


wall design;Plate analysis;column/wall;stiffness


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