The Relationship between Testing Period and Structural Safety on toad Bearing Test of Bridges

교량안전진단주기와 구조적 안전도의 상관관계

  • 방명석 (충주대학교 안전공학과)
  • Published : 2002.09.01


The Act on Safety Management of Social Assets was established on 1995 and revised on 1999 to relieve maintenance cost of managing offices. The provision for load bearing test before opening was deleted and the number of load bearing test after opening was reduced in the Revised Act on 1999. The effect of revision is the main concern in this study. 176 technical reports on load bearing test of long span bridges are analyzed. The results show that various structural defects are inherent in recent bridges constructed since 1995. So the preservation of provisions deleted in original act is needed up to now.


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