A Study on the Characteristics of Electric Shock in Water due to the Leakage of Submerged Electric Facility

침수된 전기설비의 누전으로 인한 수중에서의 감전특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2002.09.01


A study on the characteristics of electric shock in fresh water due to the leakage of submerged electric facility is conducted by using a reduced scale model at a scale of 1:10 in laboratory. Electric potential as a function of distance from leakage source, type of the leakage source, magnitude of the source voltage, submerged depth and diameter of a copper rod electrode is measured. On the basis of safety standard, separation for guarantee of safety is determined by the measured potential. Also supposing that body resistance is 500[$\Omega$], the human reaction was estimated by calculating body current for some shock duration. Thus, in this paper, the hazard of the electric shock is assessed by introducing representative safety factors, body voltage and body current due to leakage source.


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