Analysis and Countermeasures for False-Tripping of Earth Leakage Breaker Due to Lightning Surge

누전차단기의 뇌써지 동작특성 분석 및 오동작 대책

  • Published : 2002.10.01


Recently it is reported that many a malfunction of ELB which is represented by non-operated type ELB for an impulse wave, is caused by lightning impulse and transient ground potential rise due to nearby lightning strokes. In order to examine the cause of malfunction, 5 samples were investigated experimentally in this study. As each ELB has a different leakage current detecting circuit and wiring method, various characteristics were measured. As a result, all of them brought about malfunctions under the lightning impulse voltage less than 7 kV and the surge current less than 3 kA. Also the different aspects were measured with a polarity of injected surge and a position of MOV to protect the inner circuit of ELB. The Position and effects of protecting devices were suggested as a remedy.


Earth Leakage Breaker;Lightning Surge;False-Tripping;MOV(Metal Oxide Varistor)


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