Characteristics of Material Damage Caused by Acid Deposition in East Asia

  • Yoo, Young-Eok (Dept. of Environmental Education, Taegu University) ;
  • Maeda, Yasuaki (College of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University)
  • Published : 2002.06.01


Material exposure experiments were performed to evaluate the relationship between air pollution and material corrosion rates based on collaboration with researchers in China, Japan, and Korea. Qualitative and quantitative atmospheric corrosion was estimated from damage caused to bronze, copper, steel, marble, cedar, cypress, and lacquer plates exposed to outdoor and indoor conditions in certain East Asian cities. The effects of atmospheric and meteorological factors on the damage to the copper plates and marble pieces were estimated using a regression analysis. The results indicated that sulfur dioxide produced the most destruction of the materials, especially in South Korea and China. In Japan, the copper plates were damaged as a result of natural conditions and sea salt. Copper was also found to be damaged by the surface deposition of sulfur and chlorine. Meanwhile, marble was substantially degraded by gaseous sulfur dioxide, yet sulfate ions in rain had no effect. Accordingly, the analysis of air pollution from the perspective of material damage was determined to be very useful in evaluating and substantiating the intensity of air pollution in East Asia.


East Asia;air pollution;material damage;exposure test


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