Embedded Micro Fluxgate Sensor in Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

PCB 기판에 내장된 마이크로 플럭스게이트 센서

  • 최원열 (MEMS Lab. 삼성종합기술원) ;
  • 황준식 (MEMS Lab. 삼성종합기술원) ;
  • 강명삼 (MLB R&D Center, 삼성전기(주)) ;
  • 최상언 (MEMS Lab. 삼성종합기술원)
  • Published : 2002.08.01


This paper presents a micro fluxgate sensor in printed circuit board (PCB). The fluxgate sensor consists of five PCB stack layers including one layer magnetic core and four layers of excitation and pick-up coils. The center layer as a magnetic core is made of a micro patterned amorphous magnetic ribbon and the core has a rectangular-ring shape. The amorphous magnetic core is easily saturated due to the low coercive field and closed magnetic path for the excitation field. Four outer layers as an excitation and pick-up coils have a planar solenoid structure. The chip size of the fabricated sensing element is 7.3$\times$5.7$\textrm{mm}^2$. Excellent linear response over the range of -100$\mu$T to +100$\mu$T is obtained with 540V/T sensitivity at excitation square wave of 3 $V_{p-p}$ and 360kHz. The very low power consumption of ~8mW was measured. This magnetic sensing element, which measures the lower fields than 50$\mu$T, is very useful for various applications such as: portable navigation systems, military research, medical research, and space research.h.


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