A Study on the local Environmental Impact Assessment in Germany

독일 지방자치단체환경영향평가제도 연구

  • 정응호 (계명대학교 환경학부)
  • Published : 2002.06.01


Environmental protection and precaution are the most frequently considered issues in the recent research fields for our present and future surroundings. However, it seems that these environmental issues were less reflected in local-level development plans, and caused several cases of environmental pollution, therefore it became a major concern of local governments and the communities. The role of a 'Local EIA(Environment Impact Assessment)' can be a core issue for the positive preferences of the local-level development plans. Cases of Local EIA in Germany which have been implied successfully are reviewed to generate a local EIA movement and to produce a guideline for Korean local governments. The local EIA in Germany was broadly commenced in the middle of 1980s, and a decade later it was carried out for over 200 of local governments. To produce a better suggestion for Korean local EIA, comparison and analysis of detail data of the German local EIA was carried out, and tested for fourteen cities in Korea based on five categories: i) assessment subject, ii) assessment procedure, iii) main office for assessment, iv) assessment factor and v) assessment standard. Prior suggestions for greater preference of local EIA in Korea are: it is necessary that I) launch of a support system in central government to help the movement of local government; Ⅱ) a knowledge-based expert group in local government which has by all means of exclusive responsibility far any action(new application or performance of local EIA) : 111) establishment of 'environmental protection measure' in local government level for environmental precaution based on individual environmental character and values in their communities.


local Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA);local level;effective execution


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