Immersion Corrosion Characteristic of SUS420J2 Steel with a Material for Fish Pre-Processing Machinery

어류 전처리 가공기계용 재료 SUS420J2강의 침지부식 특성

  • Published : 2002.02.01


13%Cr martensitic stainless steel has been used mainly with a material for fish pre-processing machinery. However, it has not very nice cutting section because of little of the carbon content. Therefore, SUS420J2 steel that contents 0.3%C with high-strength in spite of the rust is used with a material for fish pre-processing machinery. However, studies on the corrosion characteristics of SUS420J2 steel are relatively rare. Especially, the corrosion phenomenon may cause serious degradation because the fish pre-processing machinery is exposed always to seawater environment. In this paper, the immersion corrosion test was carried out at seawater environment (pH=7.52) on SUS420J2 steel specimens that have various post-treatment conditions and its corrosion characteristics were evaluated. From test results, the specimens such as base metal, vacuum heat treatment, electrolytic polishing and tempering after quenching tend somewhat sensitive from the corrosion. In the case of vacuum heat treatment specimen of continuous immersion during 360 days, the weight loss ratio was high about seven times when compared with the different specimens. On the contrary, SUS420J2 steel specimen that has the heat treatment of tempering after quenching and the electrolytic polishing was less sensitive from the corrosion, and the weight loss ratio was very low.



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