Drag Characteristics According to Ground Rope and Seabeds in the Bottom Trawl

저층트롤의 발줄 및 저질의 종류에 따른 저항특성

  • Published : 2002.02.01


The model experiments for the Eastern sea bottom trawl were conducted for the 3 types of ground ropes and 2 types of seabeds to examine drag characteristics according to towing speed. The model net was based on the net of trawler with 750ps and made by 1/78 of a full scale net. This experiments focused on the drags for 3 types of ground rope, the serving wire, the original and the chain types and 2 types of seabeds, mud and sand of bottom. The results obtained are summarized as follows 1. In the case of the sand bottom, the drags by 3 types of ground rope were orderly increased in turn of the chain, the serving wire and the original type. But, in the case of the mud bottom, the drag of the original type is higher than that of the serving wire type and less than the chain type. 2. In the case of the serving wire type of ground rope, the drags by the diameters of ground rope, ø 1.3, ø 1.9, ø 2.6 and ø 3.25 were increased respectively by 23g, 25g, 32g and 42g at the towing speed of 0.4m/s. 3. The drags of ground ropes were increased exponentially in proportion to the towing speed, in the same way in all of three types of ground rope. 4. The ratios of drag of ground rope against that of the trawl net by the type of ground rope at the towing speed of 0.4m/s on the mud bottom were 0.69 in the chain type, 0.64 in the serving wire type and 0.67 in the original type respectively. 5. The Coefficient of drag($C_d$) by type of ground rope according to the towing speed were 10.0~56.7, 3.0~l6.0 and 1.5~8.5 respectively in turn of the chain type, the serving wire type and the original type on the mud bottom, and that on the sand bottom were 10.0~60.0, 3.0~14.0 and 1.2~6.0 respectively In turn of the chain type, the serving wire type and the original type.



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