Random Vibration and Harmonic Response Analyses of Upper Guide Structure Assembly to Flow Induced Loads

유체유발하중을 받는 상부안내구조물의 랜덤진동 및 조화응답해석

  • 지용관 (정회원·한국전력기술(주)) ;
  • 이영신 (정회원·충남대학교 기계설계공학과)
  • Published : 2002.03.01


The cylindrical Upper Guide Structure assembly of the reactor intervals wish the Core Support Barrel and the Inner Barrel Assembly is subjected to flow induced loads horizontally which include random pressure fluctuation due to turbulent flow and pump pulsation pressures. The purpose of this papers is to perform random vibration and harmonic response analyses fort flow induced loads. The dynamic response characteristics due to random turbulence and pump pulsation loads were evaluated using the lumped mass beam model. Especially the model considered the annulus effects due to water gaps existing between cylindrical structures such as the Upper Guide Structure Barrel, the Core Support Barrel, and the Inner Barrel Assembly. The effect of the Inner Barrel Assembly inside the Upper Guide Structure assembly was studied. The peak dynamic responses lot each loading condition due to the addition of IBA were affected by the natural frequencies of the structures. Therefore the peak dynamic responses of the structures should be conservatively obtained from evaluation of dynamic analysis for various loading conditions.


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