Electrochemical Properties of Diiron Complexes wish Conjugated Chains

공액 사슬을 갖는 철 화합물의 전기화학적 특성

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  • Micheal b. Sponsler
  • Published : 2002.06.01


The complex 1 $([Cp*Fe(CO)_2]_2-(\mu-CH=CH-CH=CH))$ which have butadiene as a bridge were synthesized from $Cp*(CO)_2FeK$ and cis-3,4-dichlorocyclobutene. The derivatives of complex 1 where one or two carbonyl groups are replaced by phosphine ligands have been prepared by photochemical substitution. The new derivatives $([Cp*Fe(L)_2]_2-(\mu-CH=CH-CH=CH))$ where L = $(Ph_2PCH_2CH_2PPh_2)$ and $([Cp*Fe(CO)(L)]_2-(\mu-CH=CH-CH=CH))$ where L : $PPh_3$ have been characterized from $^^1H-$, $^^13C-$,$^^31P-NMR$ and elemental analysis. Obtained complexes have been studied in electrochemical experiment and UV/VIS-near-IR. The mixed-valence radical cation forms of complex 2, 3 species were found to be delocalized as the Class III. Based on the separation of the waves ($\triangle E$ : 0.470 ~ 0.605 V), the efficiency of electronic communication between two metal centers of cation species leading to stabilization relative to neutral species. The phosphine-substitute complexes (2, 3) displays two reversible oxidation waves and oxidation state of metal centers-dependent color change, electrochromism, was observed from yellow to orange and deep blue in methylene chloride.


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