Crystallographic Orientation Dependence Of Electrical Properties of Carbon-doped GaAs Grown by Low Pressure Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Using CBr4

저압 MOCVD로 CBr4 가스를 사용하여 탄소 도핑된 GaAs 에피층의 결정학적 방향에 따른 전기적 성질의 의존성

  • 손창식 (신라대학교 광전자공학과, 극초단광전자연구소)
  • Published : 2002.03.01


In order to elucidate the crystallographic orientation dependence of electrical properties of carbon (C)-doped GaAs epilayers, C incorporation into GaAs epilayers on high-index GaAs substrates with various crystallographic orientations from (100) to (111)A has been performed by a low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition using C tetrabromide ($CBt_4$) as a C source. The hole concentration of C-doped GaAs epilayers rapidly decreases with a hump at (311)A with increasing the offset angle. Although the growth temperature and the V/III ratio are varied, the crystallographic orientation dependence of hole concentration show a same trend. The above behaviors indicate that the bonding strength of As sites on a glowing surface plays an important role in the C incorporation into the high-index GaAs substrates.


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