Development and Evaluation of a Korean Treebank and its Application to NLP

  • Han, Chung-Hye (Dept. of Linguistics, Simon Fraser University) ;
  • Han, Na-Rae (Dept. of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania) ;
  • Ko, Eon-Suk (Dept. of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania) ;
  • Martha Palmer (Dept. of Computer Information and Science, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Published : 2002.06.01


This paper discusses issues in building a 54-thousand-word Korean Treebank using a phrase structure annotation, along with developing annotation guidelines based on the morpho-syntactic phenomena represented in the corpus. Various methods that were employed for quality control are presented. The evaluation on the quality of the Treebank and some of the NLP applications under development using the Treebank are also pre-sented.