Chracteristics of Partial Discharge Patterns Subjected to Different Defects at the Epoxy/Rubber Interface

에폭시/고무 계면에서의 결함에 따른 부분방전 특성

  • Published : 2002.05.01


In order to recognize the deterioration of insulation system by partial discharge (PD), the characteristics of PD patterns which are occurring at the interface between epoxy and rubber materials in extra high voltage cable joints, have been investigated. The artificial defects such as voids, metal particles, insulation fiber and water impregnated insulation fiber are planted between the interfaces. A high frequency partial discharge detection system was used for measuring PD signals. An analysis of the PD patterns is focused on the shape of PD pattern, phase, width and time-dependence for each artificial defect. The PD Patterns in each defect show the different behaviors and it is suggested that the precise discrimination of PD patterns could be used for the diagnosis of deterioration in the insulation systems.


Partial discharge (PD);Interface;Avalanche;PD pattern


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