A Study on Difference of Clothing Image Evaluation by Gender

성에 따른 의복이미지 평가의 차이에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2002.05.01


The purpose of this research is to investigate the difference on c1othing image evaluation in the ratings between men and women. For this study, pilot test was conducted to 50 clothing majored university students to explore the stimulus of 'cute', 'casual', 'sexy', 'elegant', 'intelligent', 'formal', 'romantic', 'individual', 'refined' for the 9 each image styles from the 32 spring wears in fashion magazine $\ulcorner$FARBE$\lrcorner$(March. 2000). On the basis of the preliminary survey, the question items explored the 15 pairs of polar adjectives as seven-point Likert Scale. The main survey was preceded 94 female and 111 man of university students from March 13 to 24 in 2000, twice for 7-days interval. There were significant differences between the two sexes for each style image ratings. It was found that the female was recorded mote ordinary, stable. refined. superior, plain, like than the male for intelligent style. Meanwhile, the intelligent style was evaluated well on in years by female, but male young. The female tended that elegance style was more stable, warm and less young than the male. The cute style was evaluated more light, tender, feminine, young by the female than the male, find the female looked warm while the male cool. The formal style was more stable, unrefined. solid, unfamiliar dislike, old by the female than the male. The casual style was revealed plain and warm by the female while splendor and cool by the male, the female more active, tender, familiar than the male and individual, attractive and poor quality than the female. The sexy style was evaluated more active, good appearance, young than the female, tender than the male and the female dislike a bit while the male like. The female evaluated the refined style for more stable. refined. superior good appearance and nature than the male. The romantic style was evacuated more like, refined, superior, good appearance nature and familiar by the male, but the female a bit unfamiliar. The individual style was revealed that the female evaluated cool and a bit dislike while the male warm and like, and the male more refined, feminine, young than female.