Formation of ITO Ohmic Contact to ITO/n+lnP for III-V Optoelectronic Devices

III-V 광소자 제작을 위한 ITO/n+lnP 옴 접촉 특성연구

  • Published : 2002.05.01


The use of a thin film of indium between the ITO and the $n^+-lnP$ contact layers for InP/InGaAs HPTs was studied without degrading its excellent optical transmittance properties. $ITO/n^+-lnP$ ohmic contact was successfully achieved by the deposition of indium and annealing. The specific contact resistance of about $6.6{\times}10^{-4}\Omega\textrm{cm}^2$ was measured by use of the transmission line method (TLM). However, as the thermal annealing was just performed to $ITO/n^+-lnP$ contact without the deposition of indium between ITO and $n^+-lnP$, it exhibited Schottky characteristics. In the applications, the DC characteristics of InP/InGaAs HPTs with ITO emitter contacts was compared with those of InP/InGaAs HBTs with the opaque emitter contacts.


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