Fabrication and Properties of MFISFET using SrBi2Ta2O9SiN/Si Structures

SrBi2Ta2O9SiN/Si 구조를 이용한 MFISFET의 제작 및 특성

  • 김광호 (청주대학교 정보통신공학부)
  • Published : 2002.05.01


N-channel metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor field-effect-transistors (MFISFET's) by using $SrBi_2Ta_2O_9$/Silicon Nitride/Si (100) structure were fabricated. The fabricated devices exhibit comfortable memory windows, fast switching speeds, good fatigue resistances, and long retention times that are suitable for advanced ferroelectric memory applications. The estimated switching time and polarization ($2P_r$) of the fabricated FET measured at applied electric field of 376 kV/cm were less than 50 ns and about 1.5 uC/$\textrm{cm}^2$, respectively. The magnitude of on/off ratio indicating the stored information performance was maintained more than 3 orders until 3 days at room temperature. The $I_DV_G$ characteristics before and after being subjected to $10^11$ cycles of fatigue at a frequency of 1 MHz remained almost the same except a little distortion in off state.


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