Radial Type Locomotive Mechanism with Worm for Robotic Endoscope

내시경 로봇을 위한 웜구동 방사형 이동메커니즘

  • Published : 2002.03.01


In this paper, we suggest a new locomotive mechanism fur self-propelling robotic endoscope which could substitute conventional endoscope. Many researchers proposed inchworm-like mechanism for self-propelling robotic endoscope. But it could not be commercialized because they did not solve the limitation caused by clamping. Therefore, we suggest a new radial-type locomotive mechanism with worm. It can propel itself in any situation and take passive-steering because of radial type. In addition, it can be miniaturized with worm. In this paper, we evaluate the mechanism in the dead pig colon as well as under various environments, and verify the performance fur robotic endoscope.


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