Effects of Lead, Copper and Cadmium on Pseudomonas cepacia KH410 Isolated from Freshwater Plant Root

담수식물 근계로부터 분리된 Pseudomonas cepacia KH410 균주에 대한 납, 구리, 카드뮴의 영향

  • 김영희 (동의대학교 미생물학과)
  • Published : 2002.03.01


A ubiquitous bacterium,Effects of Lead, Copper and Cadmium on Pseudomonas cepacia KH410 Isolated from Freshwater Plant Root was isolated from freshwater plant root and interactions of lead, copper and cadmium with this strain was studied. Mass production of dry cell weight 2.72 g-DCW/ι-medium was obtained by cultivation in a nutrient medium containing 1% yeast extract, 1% soytone and 0.5% NaCl, pH 7.0, at temperature of 28℃ for 24 hrs under aeration. The mass of dry cell produced after exposure with 100 mg/ι of heavy metal was 1.98 g/ι for lead, 1.58 g/ι for copper and 0.20 g/ι for cadmium, respectively. The minimal inhibitory concentrations (MIC) for each heavy metal was 1.3 mM for lead,0.8 mM for copper and 0.4 mM fur cadmium, respectively. Cell aggregation occurred by each heavy metal exposure was observed from 1 day to 4 days by an optical microscope. Entrapment, precipitation effects on cell by heavy metals between 10 min and two hours were examined by an electron microscopy. Cadmium appeared to be the most toxic on cells and the order of toxicity was cadmium>copper>lead.


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