Two New Terrestrial Isopoda (Crustacea, Isopoda, Philosciidae) from Northern Luzon, the Philippines of Burmoniscus

필리핀의 루손섬 북부에서 채칩된 육서 등각류의 2신종 Burmoniscus ifugaoensis와 B. taitii(갑각아문, 등각목, 남방쥐며느리과)

  • Published : 2002.04.01


Two new species of the genus Burmoniscus collinge, 1914, B. ifugaoensis and B. taitii are described from Banaue and adjacent area, mountainous district in the northern Luzon, the Philippines. B. ifugaoensis is morphologically similar to B. novabritannicus(Vandel, 1973) and B. yunnanensis Kwon and Taiti, 1993, but is distinguished by the much elongated distal part of male pleopod 1 exopod and the peculiar setation on the distal part of male pleopod 1 endopod. B. taitii is similar to B. punctatus Taiti, Ferrara and Kwon. 1992 in the shape of male pleopod 1 endopod, but is easily distinguished by the peculiar coloration of male, the morphology of cephalon, and the shorter distal part of male pleopod 1 exopod.


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