New Record of Macromyzus woodwardiae(Sternorhyncha, Aphididae) on Cyrtomium falcatum from Korea

도깨비고비에 기생하는 한국미기록 고비수염진딧물의 보고

  • Lee, seunghwan (Division of Entomology, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology)
  • Published : 2002.04.01


Macromyzus woodwardiae(Takahashi, 1921) is recognized on Cyrdomium falcatum(L.f.) C. Presl (Dryopteridaceae), a htherto unknown host plant, from Jeju Island, Korea. Apterous viviparous female and alate viviparous female are described. This is the first record of genus Macromyzus in Korea.


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