Taxonomic Study of Marine Tardigrades from Korea II. Genus Halechiniscus (Heterotardigrada, Arthrotardigrada, Halechiniscidae)

한국산 해양 완보류의 분류학적 연구 II. 바다가시곰벌레속 (이완보강. 마디곰벌레목. 바다가시곰벌레과)

  • Chang, Cheon-Young (Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, Taegu University) ;
  • Park, Hyun-Soo (School of biological Sciences, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 2002.04.01


Two marine tardigrades belonging to the genus Halechiniscus Richters, H. jejuensis n. sp. and H. remanei Schulz are recorded from Jeju Island, Korea. Halechiniscus jejuensis n. sp. is distinguished from the congeners by the shape and position of lateral body processes, the shape of sensory papilla on leg IV, and the contour of head portion not clearly divided into two lobes. A revised key to the nine species of the genus Halechiniscus is prepared.


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