Sequence Diversity of Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Gene in Grey Goral Naemorhedus caudatus(Artiodactyla, Bovidae) from Korea

한국의 산양(우제목, 소과)의 미토콘드리아 Cytochrome b 염기서열 다양성

  • Published : 2002.04.01


To add genetic information to the conservation efforts on grey coral (Naemorhedus caudatus) in Korea, we investigated the pattern of mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequence (606 bp) of six specimens from two localities in Korea. The corresponding sequences of N. caudatus in China obtained from GenBank were also used. The nucleotide Tamura-Nei distances between each of four haplotypes of N. caudatus in Korea and the haplotype of N. caudatus in China varied from 0.0650 to 0.0803: N. caudatus revealed high level of sequence diversity in Bovidae. In N. caudatus in Korea, the distances among three haplotypes at Yanggu were 0.0151 to 0.0185, and it suggests that the genetic diversity of Yanggu population was decreased in low level. Moreover, the distances between each of three haplotypes at Yanggu and one haplotype at Samcheok were 0.0343 to 0.0489. It indicates that habitat isolation caused the continuous increase of genetic distance with geographic distance in N. caudatus, and various conservation plans for mitigating the loss of genetic diversity in Korea have to be in immediate action. To clarify the taxonomic status of N. caudatus, the sequence (276 bp) of N. goral available from GenBank were also utilized, and n goral was not distinct from N. caudatus. It suggests that they may be conspecific, but further analyses with additional specimens of two species are necessary.


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