Zoeal Stages of Actaea semblatae (Cruistacea, Decapoda, Xanthidae), with a Key to the Known Xanthid Zoeas of Korea

옴부채게(갑각강, 십각목, 부채게과)의 조에아 유생기 및 한국 부채게과 종의 조에아 유생 검색표

  • Published : 2002.04.01


Actaea semblatae (Guinot, 1976) has been roared in the laboratory, from hatching to the first young crab stage at $25^{\circ}C$. The two zoeal stages are described and illustrated in detail. The first zoea of A. semblatae in the present study slightly differs from that described by Terada (1987) on the respect of the setal presence on the carapace, the antennule, the coxa of the first maxilliped and the first abdominal somite. Within the family Xanthidae, the zoea of A. semblatae can be clearly distingushed from the other known zoeas by having a seta as an antennal exopod or a vestigial exopod with a sets. A provisional key is provided to aid the identification of the xanthid zoeas in Korea.


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