Effects of Corn Processing on In Vitro and In Situ Digestion of Corn Grain in Holstein Steers

  • Lee, S.Y. ;
  • Kim, W.Y. ;
  • Ko, J.Y. ;
  • Ha, J.K.
  • Received : 2001.08.27
  • Accepted : 2002.01.24
  • Published : 2002.06.01


This study was conducted to determine effects of whole (intact), coarsely-ground (4 mm), finely-ground (1 mm), steam-flaked and steam-flaked-ground (1 mm) corns on in vitro and in situ DM digestibilities and also in vitro fermentation characteristics. After 48 h incubation, in vitro dry matter digestibilities of whole, steam-flaked, coarsely-ground, steam-flaked-ground, and finely-ground corns were 6.79, 61.68, 76.48, 85.72 and 90.31%, respectively. Steam-flaked-ground corn showed the highest digestibility until 24 h incubation (p<0.01). After 48 h incubation, pH of whole corn decreased with a small range. However the values of pH of other media significantly decreased (p<0.01). The gas productions of finely-ground and steam-flaked-ground corns were higher than those of the other corns (p<0.01). After 24 h incubation, $NH_3$-N concentration of finely-ground and steam-flaked-ground corns increased rapidly. Total VFA was the highest in finely-ground corn, followed by steam-flaked-ground, steam-flaked, coarsely-ground and whole corns. Incorporating steam-flaked corn resulted in the highest propionate concentration (p<0.01) and the lowest acetate : propionate value (p<0.05). Finely-ground corn showed the highest in situ DM digestibility throughout the incubation period (p<0.01), followed by coarsely-ground, steam-flaked and whole corns, respectively. Overall, DM of whole corn was merely digested in vitro as well as in situ.


In vitro;In situ;Processing Corn;DM Digestibility


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