A Source Static Correction Algorithm in Crosswell Tomography

시추공 탄성파 자료의 송신기 정보정 알고리즘

  • Ji Jun (Hansung University, Dept. of Information system Engineering)
  • 지준 (한성대학교 정보시스템공학과)
  • Published : 2002.08.01


In crosswell ray tomography, the resultant velocity structure could be affected by source static, first-arrival-time picking errors, convergence to a local minimum due to an inappropriate initial velocity model and etc. In the paper, I propose an algorithm that automatically correct the souce static among these error-prone factors. The algorithm automatically corrects source static using the picking times' differences along the source direction. The application of the algorithm to real data produces a quite satisfactory result. Tile algorithm seems to be helpful for users to apply the souce static correction consistently and to acquire accurate velocity structure.


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