Development of a GUI Crosswell Seismic Tomography Software on Linux

리눅스용 GUI 시추공 탄성파 토모그래피 프로그램 개발

  • Sheen Dong-Hoon (Imaging Technology Research Laboratory, Hansung University) ;
  • Ko Kwang Beom (Imaging Technology Research Laboratory, Hansung University) ;
  • Park Jae-Woo (Imaging Technology Research Laboratory, Hansung University) ;
  • Ji Jun (Dept. of Information System Engineering, Hansung University) ;
  • Lee Doo-Sung (Dept. of Information System Engineering, Hansung University)
  • 신동훈 (한성대학교 영상화기술연구실) ;
  • 고광범 (한성대학교 영상화기술연구실) ;
  • 박재우 (한성대학교 영상화기술연구실) ;
  • 지준 (한성대학교 정보시스템 공학부) ;
  • 이두성 (한성대학교 정보시스템 공학부)
  • Published : 2002.08.01


In this study, a software for crosswell seismic tomography is developed. The software consists of first arrival picking and adjusting module, crosswell traveltime tomography module, and imaging module. This software allows saying the picked first arrival times into the header of seismic data, and using this data directly to the input of crosswell seismic tomography. With an imaging module, velocity structures and ray path can be imaged directly from the output of the tomography module. Because it is developed on the basis of the SU under the Linux and the GUI environment for user, this software can be carried out directly the first arrival picking, inversion and tomogram for crosswell tomography data in the field. Therefore, this software can be improved the applicability of site investigation by tomography method.


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