Hydrogeologic Structure derived from Electrical and CSMT Surveys in the Chojung Area

전기 및 CSMT 탐사를 이용한 초정지역의 수리지질 구조 해석

  • 송성호 (농업기반공사 농어촌연구원) ;
  • 용환호 (농업기반공사 농어촌연구원) ;
  • 김진호 (농업기반공사 농어촌연구원) ;
  • 송승엽 (농업기반공사 농어촌연구원) ;
  • 정형재 (농업기반공사 농어촌연구원)
  • Published : 2002.05.01


The hydrogeologic structure in the Chojung area was evaluated from a set of geological and geophysical investigations: detailed geological survey, vertical electric sounding (VES), borehole logging, and controlled-source magnetotelluric (CSMT) survey. Among these, CSMT soundings were taken for integrated interpretation to extend hydrogeologic structure with depth. The result of CSMT survey along with VES and borehole logging provides the vertical geologic boundary connected with hydrogeologic structure, and also indicates the depth of aquifer in granite basement. To interpret the geologic boundary and aquifer characteristics using CSMT data, we adopted the technique of 1-D inversion with smoothness-constrained method and 2-D continuous profiling with 1-D Bostick inversion and spatial filtering. The methodology tested and adopted in this study would be useful and required for providing a more information to the structure of fractured aquifer system.