The Distribution of $^{137}Cs,\;^{90}Sr$ and PU isotopes in the Coastal Sediment of Korea

한국 연안 퇴적물에서 $^{137}Cs,\;^{90}Sr$ 및 PU 동위원소의 분포

  • Published : 2002.06.30


The concentrations and activity ratios of $^{137}Cs,\;^{90}Sr\;^{238}Pu$ and $^{239-240}Pu$ in sediment($0sim}20\;$cm) at 15 coastal stations of Korea were determined. The mean concentrations of $^{137}Cs,\;^{90}Sr\;^{238}Pu$ and $^{239-240}Pu$ are $2.24{\pm0.79\;Bq{\cdot}kg^{-1}-dry,\;0.20{\pm}0.04 Bq{\cdot}kg^{-1}-dry,\;0.009{\pm}0.005\;Bq{\cdot}kg^{-1}-dry}$ and $0.27{\pm}0.17\;Bq{\cdot}kg^{-1}-dry$, respectively. The mean activity ratios of $^{137}Cs,\;^{90}Sr$, $^{239-240}Pu/^{137}Cs$ and $^{238}Pu/^{229-240}Pu$ and atomic ratio of $^{240}Pu/^{239}Pu$ are $11.2{\pm}2.9,\;0.123{\pm}0.053$ and $0.033{\pm}0.017$ and $0.218{\pm}0.036$, respectively. The concentrations and activity ratios in sediment samples are similar to those reported from neighbouring country in the northern hemisphere. The correlation coefficient of $^{137}Cs$ and $^{239-240}Pu$ is 0.80. The correlation coefficient of $^{137}Cs$ and soil organic matter(SOM), and $^{239-240}Pu$ and clay content are 0.69 and 0.67, respectively.


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