Development of Remote Control Laboratory for Radiation. Detection via Internet

인터넷을 통한 방사선 측정 원격 제어 실험실 개발

  • 박상태 (공주대학교 물리교육과) ;
  • 이희복 (공주대학교 물리교육과) ;
  • 육근철 (공주대학교 물리교육과)
  • Published : 2002.03.30


The role of experiments in science education is essential for understanding the natural phenomena and principle related to a subject. Therefore, the remote control experiment via Internet is one of key solution for distance learners in science education. The remote experiments ate also necessary for the time-consuming experiment which takes several days, collaborative experiment between distance learners, expensive laboratory equipment which is not usually available to students, experimental procedure which is dangerous, etc. In this study, we have developed a general method for a remote control laboratory system using internet and interlace techniques. It is possible for students to learn the nuclear physics to control the real instruments and conduct physics experimentation with internet techniques. We proposed the remote control radiation measurement system as a sample application. This system could be useful for the monitoring near a nuclear power plants in order to improve the environment data credibility to the public.


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