A Study on the Scopes of Liability of the Multimodal Carriers

복합운송인(複合運送人)의 책임범위(責任範圍)에 관한 연구(硏究) - UN 복합운송조약(複合運送條約)과 UNCTAD/ICC 통일규칙(統一規則)을 중심(中心)으로 -

  • 송채헌 (전북대학교 상과대학 무역학과)
  • Published : 2001.08.30


International Trade has led to the increase of the demand of international transport, and also the development of international transport not only incurs claims concerning transportation but also establishes various international rules to settle the claims between the shippers and carriers incurred in the course of transport. With a view to settling the claims successfully, the men who are concerned in the transport have to know the principle and scopes of carrier's liability. In this paper, I would like to find out the scopes of liability of multimodal carriers based on the principles of liability. In order to perform the purpose of this study, I classify the liability principle of the international carrier under the UNs Convention on International Multimodal Transport of Good(1980) and UNCTDAD/ICC Rules(1991) in three system-Network Liability System, Uniform Liability System and Modified Liability System. And that I show the results-the scopes of multimodal carriers' liability based on the UN's Multimodal Convention(1980) and the ICC/UNCTAD Rules(1991), and transport vehicles.