Rehabilitating and Supporting Strategy for Traditional Market in Changwon

창원지역 재래시장 활성화와 지원방안

  • 송부용 (경남발전연구원 산업경제연구실) ;
  • 권성오 (창원대학교 대학원 무역학과)
  • Published : 2001.05.19


Two of most important industries in Changwon, the distribution industry and the construction industry have been threatened by the recent economic downturn. Rehabilitating plans for traditional markets tend to focus on renovation of facilities rather than on the managerial solution. Traditional market plays vital roles as a social safety net and a source of development of regional economy. Modernization of facilities and differentiation of business areas are two most important issues for the revitalization of the traditional market. Traditional markets should adopt a strategy which can make a difference in characteristics of the market, regional culture, regional industry and consumer behavior of the region. Purposes of this study are: first, to understand characteristics of traditional markets in Changwon, second, to draw implications for administrative and financial supports for traditional markets in Changwon.