A Study of the Moderating Role of Heterogeneity in the Process of Customer Satisfaction Formation on Public Services

공공서비스의 이질성 정도에 따른 고객마족혀엉과정 차이에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.12.01


Many customer satisfaction studies have accepted the confimation/disconfirmation paradigm, but the findings as the antecedents of consumer satisfaction are mixed. So rather than asking whether or not there is a direct effect of a certain variable on satisfaction, it is necessary asking when does a certain variable have a direct effect on satisfaction. According to this result, we assume that the situation has a direct effect on satisfaction. So this study has investigated the moderating role of perceived heterogeneity as a unit of situation, in the process of customer satisfaction formation, especially on public service. We have found such thing as follows. 1) situation has an effect on customer satisfaction. 2) perceived heterogeneity of the customers, as a situation variable, lets the process of their satisfaction formation differ. 3) through these studies, the confirmation/disconfirmation paradigm are able to extend on public services.