Social Dimensions of Bio-technology: Focusing on HGP's Shaping Process

생물공학의 사회적 차원들: HGP의 형성과정을 중심으로

  • Published : 2001.06.01


The purpose of this study is to understand how a teacher's teaching can be changed while he or she teaches the same contents in different classes. The qualitative research method was used in this study. Data were collected from classroom observations, several in-depth interviews, and stimulated-recall interviews after each class. All the data were transcribed and analyzed interpretively, and then, the results of the analysis were checked by each participating teacher. The results are as follows: First, changes appeared in each class in terms of the teaching items, tools, sequence, and time, even though the same teacher taught the same contents. It showed that the teacher's teaching practice changed immediately and intuitively in class. Second, teachers tried to implement "exploratory teaching" or "move-testing teaching" to address the emerging problems during their teaching. They then reflected on and modified their own teaching. This type of change, which happened during the teaching practice, can be an example of "Reflection-in-practice." Thus, the results of this study can provide helpful insights into how teachers might adapt and reflect in their teaching. It suggests that teachers need to recognize their subconscious teaching changes and learn "Reflection-in-practice."