A Thought on Rationality in the Modern Age of Science

현대 과학문명에서의 합리성에 관한 한 고찰

  • Published : 2001.06.01


When 'rational' is understood to be 'complying with the principles of reason', we can discern two kinds of rationality---one is what may be called 'instrumentally rationality', which is involved in achieving an already fixed goal most effectively, and the other 'goal-directed' rationality, which we should have recourse to in finding out the desirable goals. The critical situations in the age of science is thought to be closely related with the fact that the 'goal-directed' rationality has been discarded as nonsensical. The goal-directed rationality was dealt a severe blow in the latter part of the last century, when the rationality of science was challenged by the scientific relativists. This paper investigates the possibility of making sense of the goal-directed rationality in the modern age of science.