Knowledge Evolution in Korean Companies and Implications of the Hypertext Organization to the Korean Companies: Through the Case of the Hyundai Motors

한국 기업의 지식진화와 노나카의 하이퍼텍스트 조직이 한국 기업에게 주는 시사점: 현대자동차의 지식진화 사례를 통하여

  • 이홍 (광운대학교 경영학과)
  • Published : 2001.11.01


The purpose of the current study is to see what implications Nonaka's hypertext organization concept has to Korean companies. For this, first characteristics and stages of the knowledge evolution in Korean companies were reviewed compared with those in companies in advanced countries. Hyundai Motors was analyzed for an evidence case from which characteristics and stages of knowledge evolution in Korean companies could be figured. From these analyses it was found that the context where Nonaka's hypertext organization cocpet is based on could be different from contexts some Korean companies could experience, suggesting that the applicability of the Nonaka's concept might have some limitation.


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