A Study of Knowledge Management System Construction Plan for the Information & Communications of Samsung Electronics

삼성전자(주) 정보통신부문 지식경영시스템 구축 방안 연구

  • 이호성 (삼성전자(주) 정보통신총괄) ;
  • 김진봉 (삼성전자(주) 정보통신총괄)
  • Published : 2001.11.01


It is a challenging task to introduce and apply a theoretical concept like KM (Knowledge Management) to the corporate management by formulating such notion into a computer-based system. Apart from that, a company who suffers financially will be very much reluctant to employ KM, a solution that will not make an immediate impact on profit generation. Nonetheless, the perception of life-long workplace is being replaced by that of life-long career in today's society, and consequently it has become a key importance for the management to minimizing the Joss of valuable knowledge that results from frequent shift of manpower. Furthermore, knowledge is now regarded as a key to corporate competitiveness as its value has become a more important factor than that of physical resource in estimating a company's value. It is therefore necessary to transform such implicit knowledge that one possesses in his/her mind to a formation so that a company can achieve the ultimate goal of implementing KM: increase of profit and cost reduction. The objective of this research is to look into the case examples of the way in which Samsung Electronics implemented KM and help set the direction for those companies who consider employing KM into their corporate system.