Development of an Instrument to Measure the Readiness of an Organization for Knowledge Management

조직의 지식경영 준비도(Readiness) 측정도구 개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.11.01


The role of knowledge as the key source of potential advantage for organizations and economies has become a hotly debated topic. Some studies found that organizations had their own knowledge management styles. Knowledge Management draws form existing resources that organizations may already have in place. Checking the organization's infrastructures for Knowledge Management is the first step for Knowledge Management. Although the as- is analysis of organizations before knowledge management is important, but there is no study on the readiness for Knowledge Management. This study reports on the development of an instrument designed to measure the readiness of an organization for knowledge Management. Starting with the literature, 4 dimensions - strategy, process, culture/people, and technology - and 18 factors were identified. Then, a questionnaire for measuring readiness was created. Finally, the instrument was pilot tested to prove its reliability and validity. Following the pilot test, the factors all demonstrated acceptable levels of reliability. The result is 19 factors instrument comprising 4 dimensions which provide a useful tool for measuring the readiness for Knowledge Management.