Knowledge Sharing within Organization : Research Trends & Challenges

지식공유의 영향요인 : 연구동향과 과제

  • Published : 2001.11.01


The ability to share knowledge internally is critical to a firm's capability to gain competitive advantage through the leveraging of a firm's competencies, which are often "imprisoned" and dispersed across it's multiple businesses. The purpose of this paper is to propose knowledge sharing related factors which focus on variables regarding the success of knowledge sharing. To attain this purpose, this paper is structured in four main sections. We examined various concepts of knowledge sharing in the past research. We then briefly discuss about trends of methodological approach from the review of the existing studies. We go on to identify the factors that facilitate or hinder knowledge sharing within the firm. Factors regarding knowledge sharing were identified, analyzed, and summarized. Those factors could be categorize into three dimensions (structural, relational, and knowledge characteristics). Finally, we suggested areas for future research. Implications for the study on knowledge sharing were provided.