Environmentally Friendly Utilization of the Abandoned Mine Sites As a Recreational Resource

폐광의 환경친화적 관광자원 개발 방안

  • Published : 2001.03.31


With reducing coal mining industry the number of coal mine sites between 1988 and 1998 was dropped from 347 to 12. Since the abandoned coal mine sites have been kept without any cares, they have raised various environmental and safety problems. Then, Korean government initiated a special law in 1995 for enhancing economic conditions and solving environmental problems with promoting developmental projects in the abandoned mining sites. As a result, casino business in Chungsun area has been opened to publics, and other large-scale developments such as ski slopes and resorts are planned. In addition, Boryung area in Chungchung province also will launch a large-scale project building golf courses. Based on this developmental trend, it is expected that lots of large-scale developments in other places will be taken place. In general, the large-scale developments have caused various environmental problems, and, thus, environmental aspects should be considered in a decision-making process. This paper examine the status of the abandoned mine sites in Korea and U.S. and suggests the alternatives of its utilization.