A Study on the Hair Shape Related to Permanent Wave Damage - Focused on the Top Part of Hair Sample

퍼머넌트웨이브 손상에 관한 형태학적 고찰 - 모발 끝 부분을 중심으로 -

  • Received : 2001.10.22
  • Published : 2001.11.30


The purpose of these experiments is to improve the perm techniques which are fast growing and changing in our life style, for customer satisfaction and to use as basic data for academic purpose through comparing between two methods which are the new permanent wave treatment and the old one. I classified the hair samples to three kinds, which are healthy, normal, and damaged hair. This study is focused on the top part of hair sample which is damaged by strong and long-time sunshine. To get the best result, I use the scanning electron microscope (JSM-5200) as main device of these experiments. The followings are the results of these experiments. First, the new way of permanent wave technique has much more damage on hair than the old one. Second, There are big differences of damaging in this study. The harmed hair has worse result than the healthier hair.