In vitro Production of Bovine Embryos - A Review

  • Rehman, N.U. (Department of Animal Reproduction, University of Agriculture) ;
  • Sarwar, M. (Department of Animal Nutrition, University of Agriculture) ;
  • Samad, H.A. (Department of Animal Reproduction, University of Agriculture)
  • Published : 2001.09.01


Over the years, the embryo transfer industry has grown from the simple collection & transfer of embryos into an advanced field of embryo biotechnology. Currently a large demand exists for bovine oocytes and early embryos in both research and commercial settings. Bovine embryos can now be produced in-vitro. Primary oocytes collected from antral follicles of abattoir - obtained ovaries can be induced to undergo the maturation process. In-vitor maturation system, however must ensure that the resulting oocyte is capable of undergoing normal fertilization and yields a zygote competent of developing to term after embryo transfer. Sperm preparation for IVF has improved with the use of heparine. The use of co-culture system has proved beneficial in circumventing the developmental block in IVM/IVF bovine embryos.

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