The Effect of Spray Dried Plasma, Lactose and Soybean Protein Sources on the Performance of Weaned Pigs

  • Liu, H. ;
  • Kim, I.B. ;
  • Touchette, K.J. ;
  • Newcomb, M.D. ;
  • Allee, G.L.
  • Received : 2001.01.03
  • Accepted : 2001.05.03
  • Published : 2001.09.01


A total of 371 weaned pigs were used in three experiments to evaluate the effects of spray dried plasma (SDP), soybean protein sources, and lactose on growth performance. In Exp. 1, 128 pigs (5.99 kg, $18{\pm}2d$) were used to evaluate the effect of SDP (0 vs 7%), lactose (0 vs 30%), and two soybean protein sources [soybean meal (SBM) and extruded soybean protein concentrate (ESPC)] in phase I (d 0 to 14) diets on pig performance in a $2{\times}2{\times}2$ factorial arrangement. Spray-dried plasma increased phase I ADG (p<0.01) and ADFI (p<0.05) in the SBM diets, but not in the ESPC diets. Lactose improved ADG and gain/feed ratio (G/F) in phase I (p<0.01). In Exp. 2, 144 pigs (5.50 kg, $17{\pm}3d$) were used to evaluate the effect of SDP (0 vs. 3.5%) and three soybean protein sources [SBM, ESPC, and soybean protein concentrate (SPC)] in phase I diets, and the effects of two different phase II (d 14 to 28) diets (simple vs complex) in a $2{\times}3{\times}2$ factorial arrangement of treatments. In phase I, SDP increased ADG (p<0.01) and improved G/F (p<0.05). Pigs fed SBM had the highest ADG and ADFI, with a G/F similar to the pigs fed ESPC. In phase II, pigs fed the complex diet had improved ADG (p<0.01), ADFI (p<0.05), and G/F (p<0.05) compared to the simple diet. In Exp. 3, 99 weaned pigs (5.77 kg, $17{\pm}3$d) were used to evaluate the effect of SBM, ESPC, and ESPC with SDP in the phase I diets. Pigs fed SBM with no blood product in the diet had the lowest ADG (p<0.01), ADFI (p<0.01), and G/F (p<0.05) in the first week of phase I. There were no differences in soybean protein sources fed in phase I diets on overall pig performance. These experiments are indicated that SDP and lactose improve the phase I performance. Soybean meal can be used as the major protein source in phase I diets with SDP.


Spray Dried Plasma;Lactose;Soybean Protein;Weaned Pigs