State-of-the-art of advanced inelastic analysis of steel and composite structures

  • Liew, J.Y. Richard (Department of Civil Engineering, National University of Singapore)
  • Published : 2001.09.25


This paper provides a state-of-the-art review on advanced analysis models for investigating the load-displacement and ultimate load behaviour of steel and composite frames subjected to static gravity and lateral loads. Various inelastic analysis models for steel and composite members are reviewed. Composite beams under positive and negative moments are analysed using a moment-curvature relationship which captures the effects of concrete cracking and steel yielding along the members length. Beam-to-column connections are modeled using rotational spring. Building core walls are modeled using thin-walled element. Finally, the nonlinear behaviour of a complete multi-storey building frame consisting of a centre core-wall and the perimeter frames for lateral-load resistance is investigated. The performance of the total building system is evaluated in term of its serviceability and ultimate limit states.


advanced analysis;core-braced frame;composite beams;nonlinear analysis;performance-based design;plastic hinge analysis;semi-rigid frames;steel and composite structures;tall buildings


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