Confinement evaluation of concrete-filled box-shaped steel columns

  • Susantha, K.A.S. (Department of Civil Engineering, Nagoya University) ;
  • Ge, Hanbin (Department of Civil Engineering, Nagoya University) ;
  • Usami, Tsutomu (Department of Civil Engineering, Nagoya University)
  • Published : 2001.09.25


This paper presents a three-dimensional finite element analysis methodology for a quantitative evaluation of confinement in concrete-filled box-shaped unstiffened steel columns. The confinement effects of concrete in non-circular sections can be assessed in terms of maximum average lateral pressure. A brief review of a previous method adopted for the same purpose is also presented. The previous method is based on a two-dimensional finite element analysis method involving a concrete-steel interaction model. In both the present and previous methods, average lateral pressure on concrete is computed by means of the interaction forces present at the concrete-steel interface. Subsequently, the strength enhancement of confined concrete is empirically related to the maximum average lateral pressure. The results of the former and latter methods are then compared. It is found that the results of both methods are compatible in terms of confined concrete strengths, although the interaction model yields a somewhat overestimated estimation of confinement than those of the present method when relatively high strength concrete is used. Furthermore, the confinement in rectangular-shaped sections is investigated and the reliability of previously adopted simplifications in such cases is discussed.


concrete-filled tubes;box-shaped CFT columns;confinement;confined concrete;concretesteel interface:composite action


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