Tests and mechanics model for concrete-filled SHS stub columns, columns and beam-columns

  • Han, Lin-Hai ;
  • Zhao, Xiao-Ling ;
  • Tao, Zhong
  • Published : 2001.03.25


A series of tests on concrete-filled SHS (Square Hollow Section) stub columns (twenty), columns (eight) and beam-columns (twenty one) were carried out. The main parameters varied in the tests are (1) Confinement factor (${\xi}$) from 1.08 to 5.64, (2) concrete compression strength from 10.7MPa to 36.6MPa, (3) tube width to thickness ratio from 20.5 to 36.5. (4) load eccentricity (e) from 15 mm to 80 mm and (5) column slenderness (${\lambda}$) from 45 to 75. A mechanics model is developed in this paper for concrete-filled SHS stub columns, columns and beam-columns. A unified theory is described where a confinement factor (${\xi}$) is introduced to describe the composite action between the steel tube and filled concrete. The predicted load versus axial strain relationship is in good agreement with stub column test results. Simplified models are derived for section capacities and modulus in different stages of the composite sections. The predicted beam-column strength is compared with that of 331 beam-column tests with a wide range of parameters. A good agreement is obtained. The predicted load versus midspan deflection relationship for beam-columns is in good agreement with test results. A simplified model is developed for calculating the member capacity of concrete-filled SHS columns. Comparisons are made with predicted columns strengths using the existing codes such as LRFD (AISC 1994), AIJ (1997), and EC4 (1996). Simplified interaction curves are derived for concrete-filled beam-columns.


composite actions;concrete-filled tubes;mechanics model;steel hollow sections;stub columns;columns;beam-columns;constraining factor;section capacity;member capacity


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