Non-elastic responses of tall steel buildings subjected to across-wind forces

  • Tamura, Yukio (Department of Architecture, Tokyo Institute Polytechnics) ;
  • Yasui, Hachinori (Urban Environment Research Center, Izumi Sohken Engineering Co., Ltd.) ;
  • Marukawa, Hisao (Urban Environment Research Center, Izumi Sohken Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  • Published : 2001.04.25


This paper presents an analytical method which takes into account the non-linearity of individual members, and discusses some case study results. It also discusses the relationship between member non-elastic behavior and excitation duration, and the relationship between member fracture and overall structure behavior. It is clearly demonstrated that the frame already shows almost unstable behavior due to long-columnization just before the occurrence of a column fracture. Then, a column fracture immediately induces a structural collapse mechanism.


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